Title: The Matador
Artist: Patrick Wolf
Album: Archive EP 2
Plays: 759


you have crossed the rubicon

this is my reign, this is my song

i’m not the boy you need from me

i’ll be whatever i want to be

tristan [x]


I’ve got a ticket to the PW gig in London and I can no longer go. I know it’s sold out so i’d hate to hold on to it. it cost me £21.45 and i’d like to get that back, but that’s not that important. who wanna take it off my hands?


Patrick Wolf and birds from his songs.

New version of this


Patrick is happy for giggling in chain mail

The Libertine - Patrick Wolf (x)


Patrick Wolf. 


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Patrick Wolf covering My Blakean Year, originally by Patti Smith.

Anonymous asked:
"how tall is patrick?"

tall as balls

no but i think he’s 6ft 4in? that’s what i got when i googled it

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